Good solutions must not only function properly, they must also retain or improve existing conditions. The integration of remedial solutions for the renovation and remodeling of existing buildings has remained the core of our practice for more than 40 years. It presents a particular challenge that new construction does not, and may include special considerations when a building is of historical significance.

As a full-service practice, we are able to provide single-source support for new construction, remodeling, construction defect repairs, and maintenance contracts such as roofing, painting, and paving.

Beginning with a clear definition of needs, we can proceed to provide design, construction documents, bidding services, and construction contract administration. We think your project deserves the highest level of professional standards and quality assurance:

  • Project programming
    Establishment of scope, budget and schedule
  • Component studies
    Analysis of service life and estimated replacement cost for reserve studies
  • Design
    Residential, commercial or industrial building design or renovation
  • Construction contract administration
    Services provided as owner's agent to oversee construction projects

We are very proud of our well established reputation for reducing risk and giving true peace of mind to our clients.

We proudly serve communities from Santa Cruz to Sacramento, and we are here to serve you as well. Please feel free to call us today at (415) 893-1650 for more information or to schedule a consultation.