Below are some of the awesome clients we have worked with in the past.

"A word to summarize Mr. Danmeier is: integrity. I have worked with him through the investigative phase, the litigation phase, and most important the repair phase. What I have found is that he is constant in his opinions and approach through each phase. His approach can be summarized as pragmatic and thorough. I highly recommend him and his firm..."

- G. Bicksler, President, Bicksler & Associates, Inc.-

"I have worked with many architectural firms and have not worked with a project supervisor as competent and thorough as yours. She actually climbed ladders and did roof inspections and walked onto steep pitched roofs to ensure the work was done to the highest quality....she crawled underneath the houses for inspections, negotiated with the general contractor for the best possible pricing, and audited their billings, finding discrepancies in their bid vs. billings. Her field reports were extensive and comprehensive."

- R. Rea, Vice President, Main Gate HOA -

"...again thank you for your contributions to the continued safety and success of our homes.. There is a chance that without you they would not be standing and I am happy to report we did not wait to find out. We thank you daily as we walk through our commons..."

- Eliana Rivera, President, Amesport Landing HOA -

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